Top of the Heap

top of the heap tacticts for SEO - web design charleston

Where does your website rank in the heap?

We meet again webbies! 

So I have done a lot of research about what it takes to boost your web rankings (as you can see by previous posts) I have discovered that the best (and most sound) way to boost your SEO is by constantly updating your content -I know this is NO secret to most of you SEO gurus.  So I’m sure you’re thinking “What about all the other factors like back links?”  Don’t get me wrong, QUALITY back links can do a GREAT DEAL of good as far as SEO is concerned, however, getting on lots of I-just-want-another-link-in-cyberspace-trash-lists can actually HURT your rankings more than anything else.  When the google PANDA UPDATE happened, sites with “back-links-for-the-sake-of-back-links” were seriously affected. Chances are, that sites with the coveted “top of the heap” rankings in google are the result of a lot of hard work or by playing the dreaded waiting game AKA “I was here first, so wait your turn”.  Just like nothing beats good ol’ diet and exercise, the same goes for good search engine optimization. Work at it every day and the results will -slowly- pay off. A good resource for this can be found at -cheesy name but solid info.

There is one thing that I am positive of -there are NO ABSOLUTES WHEN IT COMES TO GOOGLE. They keep their algorithms a mystery. People have gone about interpreting what google likes and dislikes in different ways. So maybe google IS a little flighty, but that’s what keeps us on our toes and keeps THEM as the number one search engine.  -kudos google, job well done.

The Quick and Dirty: If someone tells you: “I can make you NUMBER ONE IN GOOGLE IN 2 DAYS!!!” -run, bolt, sprint as far away from them as possible. These trash tactics will get you blacklisted by search engines. You may never get your hard earned ranking back ever again. Could you afford to start from scratch?  If the answer is “no” then I would avoid these “Too-Good-To-Be-True-Tacticts” and move forward with the “slow ‘n’ steady” approach.  

Personal SEO update: An update on how these tactics are working for me personally:  I feel that I have hit another hard-to-break-through wall in my current web rankings for the phrase “web design charleston”  I have only moved up 2 spots in the last week and a half.  I’ve gotten accustomed to a rapid climb from page 19 until now.  Until now, the sites I’m jumping ahead of are probably not actively maintaining good SEO practices. This is where the real competition starts.  I’m ready and willing to continue to work at it until I reach that coveted #1 spot.  It will happen. On a positive note, I am still on page 1 for the search phrase “graphic design Charleston” so I guess I need to be grateful for what my site has accomplished so far. As always, I will keep you posted on any new SEO developments regarding my personal site and the world wide web. Happy ranking folks!


2 thoughts on “Top of the Heap

  1. Youre a very good writer. Your rhythm and transition from informative to conversational styles are flawless. You should give yourself more credit, this is a very interesting and well written blog.

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