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Hi guys!

Another SEO tip for you to chew on. I’m sure you are all familiar with bulk domain buying. This is smart to do for keywords that pertain to your business or service. However, there are best practices when doing this. Before you buy any and EVERY domain that comes to mind begin to type the phrase in your google search bar, as you begin to type google will offer you a list of popular searches that it predicts you might be looking for. The more you type, the more specific this search is. THAT is where your domain names come from. For example as I begin to type in Web Design several options come up, I see that “Web Design Charleston SC” is a frequently searched phrase. so this tells me that between and the SECOND option is best to purchase for a forwarding domain because THAT is what people are searching for. This is a really smart way to go about picking domains.

I stumbled upon which happens to be a premium domain. it was over $100 (-which is on the lower end of premium domains) but I knew that having keywords for your URL will help you indefinitely. Lately, I’ve gotten in the bad habit of going on URL shopping sprees. It’s exciting to find a really great URL and be able to call it yours!

So you’ve got this AWESOME, AMAZING, UNBELIEVABLE domain name, now what? I’m sure you are going to forward it to your main website in case people type it in, WRONG! Don’t just forward it, FORWARD IT AND MASK IT. This is easy and gives these new domains a page title (-which google web crawlers LOVE to pick up on as extra content) as well as key words and meta tags. Any SEO obsessed web designer would be very sad to miss out on these free goodies!

*Here’s how you do it in GoDaddy:

  1. Enter your account info and go to “MY ACCOUNT”

  2. Then go to “DOMAINS”

  3. Pick a domain and click on “LAUNCH”

  4. Locate the green forward button and click on “FORWARD DOMAIN”

  5. A window will pop up, enter the domain you’d like to forward it to and check “FORWARD WITH MASKING” and click “EDIT”

  6. You will then see more options to fill in a title, description and key words

  7. Remember to use text includes the words in your new domain along with your business name. This further reinforces that the content in your website is legit. Google LOVES this.

I hope this information helps your personal website get noticed by millions :) I am picking up weekly SEO knowledge and would love your feedback. If you have any SEO tidbits of your own send them my way! Have a great weekend everyone!

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